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If you have never visited Sciacca, let us tell you straight away that it is a beautiful village set on the sea: from its cliff it dominates a stretch of sea and it is beautiful.

This medieval village with its walls is well worth a visit, where you can lose yourself in a timeless place and enjoy the wonders of Sicily.

There are also ancient Roman baths here, a lively carnival is celebrated and ceramic objects are made. To tell the truth, Sciacca ceramics are an Italian excellence of handicraft production.

Let's see what to see and do in a small city tour.

What to see in Sciacca

There are so many things to see in Sciacca that a day alone would not be enough to list them all. That's why we only want to tell you about the ones you absolutely must see.

We promise to be tight and get straight to the point.

The Mother Church of Sciacca and Palazzo Steripinto.


The cathedral is consecrated to St Mary Magdalene and has the shape of a Latin cross; built in Baroque style with marble statues, it is already a concentration of majesty from the outside. It is the interior, however, that is most striking with its fresco of the Apocalypse by Tommaso Rossi.

The Steripinto palace, on the other hand, is a very famous aristocratic residence, built in a very particular style, namely the Catalan Gothic style, and is very old. The palace was built in 1500. You can't miss this attraction because it is probably one of the most extraordinary works you will see.

The Luna Castle in Sciacca


Ever heard of this castle? It was built in 1380 by the Vicar of Sicily. The fortress dominates every part of the city. Visiting this castle is really worth it, and the ticket costs only a few euros.

This fortress has a very special name because it was inhabited by Arturo di Luna, the nobleman to whom the Vicar of Sicily gave his daughter Margaret in marriage.

The Enchanted Castle

If you have the patience to move just a little from the old town centre, you can visit the enchanted castle. Visiting it is a spectacle because here the artist and sculptor Filippo Bentivegna has arranged more than 3000 heads carved in wood or rock in the garden.


Inside, bizarre, grotesque or extravagant paintings populate the rooms and walls; finally, a small labyrinth of tunnels delights the curious.

Suitable for both young and old, it is a place that should not be missed.

What to do in Sciacca

There are many other things to see but we have decided to let you discover some of them for yourself! So that the place can remain truly enchanted until the end. But let's see at least two things to do when you are in Sciacca:

  • Take a swim at Capo San Marco beach. This beautiful beach is well worth a visit, a swim and some relaxation.
  • Discover the loader caves. In these caves, wheat was once stored. Today they are visible and it is truly a small spectacle.
  • Do some nightlife. Sciacca is also well known because here in the evening there are several restaurants, pubs and bistros that can keep you entertained until late at night.
  • Buy handmade ceramics. Pottery is an ancient tradition here!

If we have intrigued you, take a ferry to Sicily and visit us now!

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