Sea and wild nature, history and delicious, genuine food, Lipari is anyone's beautiful dream. The largest island of the Aeolian archipelago is not just an island to visit but a place to enjoy to the full, savouring every single moment, smell, taste and sensation.

Here, on the island of Lipari, you won't just find a place to bathe but an all-round experience that also includes the history, culture and traditions of our dear Sicily.


On a tour of the island of Lipari, you can enjoy trekking and scenic walks that provide a perfect view of the sister islands: beautiful Vulcano, famous Stromboli, refined Salina and even exclusive Panarea.

But Lipari has nothing to envy from other islands thanks to its authentic and natural beauty. We will now show you the must-see places on Lipari that you can't help but fall in love with.

What to see in Lipari

In antiquity it was known as Meligunis, which means 'sweet' in Greek. Its name came to the rescue because of the soft landscapes, the special features of nature and the way it has expressed itself over millennia, allowing itself to be crossed by many peoples.

Lipari, like the other Aeolian Islands, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002 because of its rich history. The historical centre of Lipari is particularly important: the Castle of Lipari, built in 1500 by Charles V, stands here. The rest of the town, on the other hand, represents the nerve centre of the entire island.


Here you can see the Cathedral of St Bartholomew, which is considered the most important building, with wonderful frescoes and decorations. In addition, the historic centre has many small shops, alleyways and restaurants where you can eat local specialities.


The small square of Marina Corta is one of the most popular places on the island of Lipari, and if you find yourself in the centre, it is a good idea to reach the famous viewpoints over the sea: the Belvedere Quattrocchi allows you to see the Faraglioni of Pietra Menalda as well as the mighty crater of Vulcano.

Experience Lipari

Bathing in the beautiful beaches of Lipari is surely the most exciting experience you can have on this island. Choose the beaches of Acquacalda, Canneto and Spiaggia Bianca, Vinci and Valle Muria where you will also find impressive cliffs overlooking the deep blue sea.

Another experience that will bring you even closer to the beautiful island of Lipari is hiking. The trekking paths touch different hamlets and wind through gorse bushes and dry stone walls, with a typical Mediterranean look.

Among the most important trails is Cave di Caolino, which leads to the San Calogero thermal baths, or you can opt to climb Mount Pilato, where you can study the island's iconic pumice and obsidian stones up close.

From Lipari, you can get an even better look at Vulcano's crater by climbing up to the Semaforo, a geophysical observatory, or arrive at Punta del Cappero, where the smoking tip has never been so close.

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